Internet Safety

As part of the new National Curriculum for 'Computing' every child is taught to be responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.

With the Internet becoming very much a part of everyday life, it is vital that we, as a School and you as a parent/carer, keep our children safe online. On this page there are links to websites that can give you lots of information to help you to protect your child online.


Recently there have been some issues around the use/mis-use of Social media that have come to our attention and as such we felt obliged to addresss them. To help in this we created a questionnaire that the children completed.

One thing that came to our attention is that over half KS2 children use some form of Social Media where the appropriate/legal age is 13. Is your child one of them?

Please open the following link to view the results.

KS2 Internet Safety Questionnaire Results

The following factsheets contain useful information for you to share with your child.

Supporting Young People Online

Parent Factsheet

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