Year 1 Autumn 2018-Summer 2019

Information from parents evening.


Parents Meeting 26/09/2018



This week we tried out lots of new PE activities. Here are some pictures of us trying Judo, Lacrosse, and Blind Football.

A snapshot of our athletics work in PE. We have practised throwing, catching, long jump and high jump


In maths this week we have been doing lots of work on measurement. We have looked at weighing objects as well as learning and using the vocabulary linked to capacity.


In art this week we have made African inspired repeated, printed patterns. We first made our own pattern design before using it to make our stamps. We had so much fun printing using the stamps. We are super proud of the finished result!

Science Investigation inspecting to poo to see if it came from a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore

Practicing our Lion King dance.

In science we have been learning about materials and their properties. We had a brilliant time whilst making a house for the pigs to live in and testing which roof would make the best waterproof material.

We learnt fractions with the help of Pizza.

Here are the Finished Felt Fish

We learnt to thread needles and sew this week whilst making Felt Fish

We enjoyed learning to control the ball around obstacles in our hockey lesson


We enjoyed a lovely lunch with our parents.

During our Dragon theme we had a great time making Dragons with moving parts.

We had fun exploring for 3D Shapes

We had a great time when the Touchstones Museum team visited to teach us about Dragons.

We have made sandwiches. We have designed and made a sandwich that Mr Grinling would like to eat for his lunch. We then used a knife safely to cut out sandwich.

In D&T we have been exploring light bulbs and batteries. We made a simple circuit to make a bulb light up! This bulb would be able to shine bright in Mr Grinling’s lighthouse.

We had a fantastic trip today. We went to Touchstones for a Victorian Experience. We experienced what it was like to be a child at school in the Victorian Era. We also got to use everyday objects from the Victorian Era.


We are very proud of the moon buggies that we have made in design and technology. We have worked hard to create the model and then put the axles and wheels on to allow our model to move.

We had fun making our moon buggies.

We had a lovely family learning day!

We enjoyed our fruit rocket kebabs after working hardthis half term on our fruity targets.

We had a visit from the nurse and practised washing our hands.

In science we learnt how to name parts of the body.

We are very proud of our finished clay rockets!

We have had fun making clay rockets. First we made them before painting them .

EdStart Rochdale visited the school this week and the children had an enjoyable day trying lots of different sports.

In PE we have been practising our dribbling skills in football and our balances in gymnastics.

This week has been ‘Artist Week’. We have learnt about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, focussing particularly on the famous painting Starry Night. We first did some colour mixing before transferring our skills onto a black and white version of ‘Starry Night’. We then created our own version or Starry Night using some interesting ways of creating the stars before using oil pastels to finish our art work. We are very proud of the work we have produced.

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