Year 1 Autumn 2019 - Summer 2020

We have made and painted our very own clay rocket! They look fantastic, the children worked very hard to include all of the skills that they were taught. The rockets are good enough to fly to the moon!

Autumn Day - We worked with Reception and Year 2 to create some beautiful autumn leaf prints. We then went into the nature garden to make leaf art

In maths we have been learning about symmetry. We used our fingers to paint symmetrical patterns. We used a mirror on the line of symmetry to help us

We thought about Remembrace Day and why the poppy flower is important to help us to remember. We then used a technique called pointillism to create some beautiful poppies

We used directional language to navigate the alien around space!

We had lots of fun when orienteering this week. We used our skills to gather evidence. We then could put the evidence together to work out which famous artist that we are going to be learning about. We are looking forward to doing lots of fun and practical work linked to Vincent van Gogh!

This week we have been learning about senses and recreating Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

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