Year 5 Autumn 2018-Summer 2019

Information from Parents Meeting.


Parents Meeting 26/09/2018


Year 5 pupils worked with Wendy aka Fairy God Mum and the Star Collaboration to create works of art.

Pictures from our trip to Siddal Moor High school

Pictures from our visit to Manchester University.

Also please visit the PE page for pictures of some of our class playing at RFC PE Page

We had a brilliant trip to Blackpool Zoo.

Some pictures from our visit to the new library on World Book Day.

We had a visit to the beautiful John Ryland Library in Manchester

This week we did our Bike Right training.

We really enjoyed the show about Dragons from Touchstone Museum.

We worked on the orbits of the sun and the moon.

We had fun making theatres

We joined year 6 on a great trip to Spaceport!

EdStart Rochdale visited the school this week and the children had an enjoyable day trying lots of different sports.

This term we have been learning about Chinese Culture. Part of this involved making silk prints which was fun!

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