Year 6 - The Important Bits


Welcome to Year 6!

Keep an eye on this page for homework update and information you might need this year.

 To see what we have been been up to see 'Year 6 Autumn 2018 - Summer 2019'



Here are all the documents shared at the parents meeting:






Please note we need all forms back by Friday 27th Sept. Thank you!

Homework is given collected in and given out on Fridays. 

This Terms homework - Brain work Autumn 2019

Here is the latest homework:  brain-work-Autumn-13-9-2019.pdf


We are subscribed to and - you have your passwords in your home/school journals - we have set you tasks so give them a go.  (our school code is RAK3) The password is Stms1964 

Lots of great practice on there so let's take advantage of it.


Reading List

We read, read, read and read again in Y6.


Here our the reading lists:



It would be wonderful - BUT NOT ESSENTIAL - if children had their own copy of the books too.

Y6 Spelling List

Currently we are being tested on 10 seen words a week and 10 unseen in SATs style spelling tests.  The ten unseen words become the ones to learn the following week.  The idea is that they beat their origional score but IF they are learning the words they should always score at least 10.

After Christmas we will do SATs style spelling tests, the children will be asked to then practise on the spellings they got wrong and improve their scores the following week.


Have a look at planner to see what we are up to.  We try to keep as rigidly as possible to the planner but sometimes new opportunities (such as trips) arise and we may need to move topics around to benefit the children.

In this section: