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Understanding Christianity-foundation-creation

Understanding Christianity-foundation-incarnation

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Understanding Christianity-ks1-incarnation

Understanding Christianity-ks1-salvation

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Understanding Christianity-LKS2 incarnation

Understanding Christianity-LKS2 kingdom of god

Understanding Christianity-LKS2 people of god

Understanding Christianity-LKS2 salvation

Understanding Christianity-UKS2 creation

Understanding Christianity-UKS2 god

Understanding Christianity-UKS2 gospel

Understanding Christianity-UKS2 kingdom of god

Understanding Christianity-UKS2 people-of-god

Understanding Christianity-UKS2 salvation

Understanding Christianity-UKS2 salvation 2


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Reading and Phonics in KS1

To support the teaching of phonics, we mainly use the Phonic Shed scheme. Children become familiar with the letter sounds using the phonics cards and we teach the phonemes in the order suggested in the Phonic Shed materials. Teachers supplement their teaching using various websites and interactive games such as Espresso and Phonics Play.

Our principal reading scheme is Collins Big Cat. Most children take home a Collins Big Cat reading book however, we supplement our reading scheme using the Oxford Reading Tree materials.

Phonics Information for Parents
Reading Letter - Helpful Hints

 We also encourage the children to read a range of other books from our class library areas and books are carefully chosen to share with the children at ‘story time’ so that they are accessing a wide range of reading materials.



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