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Mrs McShane

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Welcome to our web-site which has been designed and created by the pupils, staff and other stakeholders of the school. We hope you find the web-site informative and easy to navigate through. If there is anything you feel could improve it further please let us know.

This website has been put together to give you some insight into the life of St Margaret’s Church of England Primary School, Heywood, very much the friendly, local neighbourhood school but also one with a distinctive Christian ethos.

A child’s education benefits immensely from the partnership between home and school, and we aim to work with parents and carers to enable each child to achieve the greatest possible success and achievement.

At St Margaret's School, we aim to provide a strong and caring Christian framework to support the whole life of the school. Within the secure, caring and happy atmosphere that this creates in school, children are helped to develop consideration, understanding, tolerance and respect for others.

Over the years, this ethos has gained the school an excellent reputation in the community, as has the commitment shown by all our staff and governors in meeting the needs of the pupils we are here to serve in the best possible ways.

We encourage our children to grow to be self-disciplined in their attitude to work and play, and alongside this, to develop the ability to work and play co-operatively with others and become a good citizen.

Our staff and governors all work extremely hard to provide a stimulating and child-friendly environment within which each child can enjoy maximum success, and the satisfaction that comes from trying hard and achieving.

If parents and carers have concerns, queries or suggestions, they are encouraged to call in or ring us to talk with staff in school and a mutually convenient time can be set up. However, a senior member of staff will usually be available if you require an urgent response.





The school community welcomes you to our school via this cyber link.

If parents or other members of the public have any queries please contact Paul Hickson (School Business Manager) in the School Office.
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